Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sentimental Sisters perform at the Covina Center of Performing Arts!

Some people would say it was a dream come true, but seriously I have NEVER ever had a such a dream. It truly seems weird, like it must be someone else. But truth is, it was so much fun. The first night was a little stressful, but the next two nights were pure fun. The Covina Center of Performing Arts had many comments....but the one that meant the most was that they had "never had a group perform that connected with the audience" like we did. They said the audience was laughing one minute and crying the next. This is a hobby I truly love. It's worth just singing to womens clubs or senior centers with Renee, Marilyn and with Jay on the keyboard. But this night was another experience. We are now being pursued by "the candlelight pavillion" in Claremont, and a place in St. George, Utah. We will see where that all goes. Renee, Marilyn and I are taking the money we made from our show and going to Branson in May. Anyway, I hope my family can come someday to one of our two hour shows. Even Tom said it was AWESOME! :-D

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