Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Covina of performing arts
Please check out this site under Edith Shain to experience. a part of our concert

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surprise! Hawaii?

Due to crazy circumstances, Charlotte found herself with an empty Hawaii timeshare at Ko Olina....and called for some people to share some spontaneity and arrive in four days to enjoy it. :) So my mom and I arrived and had a wonderfully relaxing trip. We visitied PCC and had a tastey Luau, enjoyed the beach, shopped the swap meets, and loved the food. I recommend Hawaii in the spring....Paradise. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Park City Family Vacation!

Every year for the past 17 years, we have gone on a family ski/snowboard vacation. Well the family is getting bigger with an additional four spouses and five grandchildren. Wendy, Alyssa, Rachelle and Clarissa were unable to grace the slopes this year due to new baby or pregnancy. This year will add a toal of four new grandchildren, three girls and one TBA. However it was great to be together and enjoy family togetherness. Of course, there were the nightly xbox competitions. On Sunday, Steve and Wendy had their baby Naomi blessed. These occasions are what life is all about.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sentimental Sisters perform at the Covina Center of Performing Arts!

Some people would say it was a dream come true, but seriously I have NEVER ever had a such a dream. It truly seems weird, like it must be someone else. But truth is, it was so much fun. The first night was a little stressful, but the next two nights were pure fun. The Covina Center of Performing Arts had many comments....but the one that meant the most was that they had "never had a group perform that connected with the audience" like we did. They said the audience was laughing one minute and crying the next. This is a hobby I truly love. It's worth just singing to womens clubs or senior centers with Renee, Marilyn and with Jay on the keyboard. But this night was another experience. We are now being pursued by "the candlelight pavillion" in Claremont, and a place in St. George, Utah. We will see where that all goes. Renee, Marilyn and I are taking the money we made from our show and going to Branson in May. Anyway, I hope my family can come someday to one of our two hour shows. Even Tom said it was AWESOME! :-D

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Ball in Branson!

Wow! I had no idea That Branson was so fun. Here is my Mom, Sue, and I at Landry's Seafood Restaurant. Delicioso! Charlotte was in Branson a few days before me and left the day after I arrived. We all went to shows, shows, and more shows. They have everything from music, instruments, dance, magicians, ventriloquists, acrobats, and comedians, etc., etc. The "word" is that you can't go wrong with either the shows or the restaurants. I believe them. They also have watersports, fishing, and golfing. We stayed at the Marriott. It was rainy season but we didn't let it slow us down. Overall, it was a wholesome entertainment city for very reasonable prices. I'm definitely going again someday. Anyone interested?

Twelve Irish Tenors

The Duttons (A Mormon Family)

So this family was amazingly talented. They played the strings of any kind. I missed getting a picture of the whole famiy but Mom and Dad and grandchildren were involved also. The wizard of oz scene was the grandchidren and the father and daughter were singing "A Child's Prayer". They traded instruments throughout the show and had a great comedian son. Loved it!