Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We're back!

So, I know. It's been waaaay too long since I updated my blog. Now I have to start over learning how to do it. But the good news is that I'm excited! (I don't blame you if you just look at pictures and skip this part). My life just changed for the better today with more time. That's right. Last night the stake choir recorded the Christmas music for the choir to learn their parts. Therefore, as their pianist/organist, my music is learned and I can relax as we practise until Dec. 20th . Basically since last summer, we didn't have the internet in our trailer while camping in Idaho, so I just relaxed. I put all my hobbies on hold and waited patiently for our barn/apartment construction to be finished. Afterall, we were going to be living in it for the summer and boating in the evenings. Well, the barn/apartment is almost finished and Dan will be going up in a week to arrange the furniture and winterize the fishing boat and ATVs. The ski boat....well, we'll just say that we had fun as long as it was working which was two times on the lake. Once we were towed back into shore, and the other, a storm was coming and we rushed to dock the boat. Oh yes, there was the time when we went out with Tom, Jace and Ella. It was wonderful. Tom learned to wakeboard and then we went into shore. To make this long story short, we bought a new engine and it was ready at the end of our trip. Dan left it in Utah for an extra month so our kids had a blast for several weeks. Now it is in California. It was Dan's idea one night that we pick up and go to Oahu. Why Oahu? Because we love the PCC. So he used points to make the trip happen. We had fun touring the island. We chose a new beach everyday. We even had the excitment of Hurricane Felicia. It was downgraded to a tropical depression by the time it hit. We enjoyed the bigger waves, a little rain but it was extremely humid. One day the "portuguese man of war" were so plentiful that they shut down some of the beaches. However, Jenesee's ankle found one and Tom caught one on his boogey board. Only Jenesee got stung but not too badly. We played board games in the evenings and ate delicious food. It was very nice to arrive home after the 8 week summer but I hit the ground running. We had Stake Conference in two weeks with the choir singing two pieces. They were difficult pieces on the organ so I practised every day for several hours. I also had the recording coming up so I was practising Christmas pieces at the same time. I love it with a passion but it takes so much time. To make matters even busier, Dan was called into the Stake Presidency at Stake Conference. I can only say that with his busy traveling schedule and stressful job, Heavenly Father prepared us both over the summer as we relaxed and found firm footing again. He truly can perform miracles. We are seeing the hand of the Lord in our lives as Dan is preparing for retirement. We love staying in touch with all of our families and friends by visiting their blogs. I plan to be more diligent on ours. There is so much to be grateful for with another grand daughter on the way (Steve and Wendy) and the events that are happening in each of our childrens lives. Grandparenthood is truly the BEST! Visit our childrens blogs for updates. Tom is in high school and early morning seminary and loving it. As usual, he really likes his teachers and they adore him. At fourteen, he has grown several inches over the last 6 months and has finally passed my height. He is a different person from a year ago. After attending EFY, his testimony took new meaning and he just seems so much older. Last week the best part of his day (as I ask everyday) was taking his geometry test which would put his grade above 100%. I almost threw him out and demanded my real son back, but as he explains to me daily, "Mom, I told you I would take school seriously when I got into high school". I still feel like I'm living with a stranger. There's so much more to say but it will have to wait for another day. :~D

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